The best in care starts with the best in medical records keeping. Our clinic is proud to utilize a comprehensive, fully integrated computerized medical record that keeps your pet’s visits well organized into physical findings, diagnostic test results,  assessments, treatments and communications. Our system allows for emailed reminders, test results and receipts at the click of a button. For clients that are not into high tech means of communication, we still offer mailed and phone reminders to keep you up to date on your pet’s needs.

As a practice, we believe in a Fear Free approach to patient care. A good visit starts with calm and friendly transport into our clinic. Clients often are not sure what is the best way to transport their pet to avoid making them nervous or upset prior to their appointment. Our clinic offers counseling on the best methods available to transport your pet into us based on your pet’s individual needs. Please contact us via phone or email prior to your first appointment to review methods that can make for a successful appointment. Pets with a history of fear based problems at the vet often require a longer appointment time and special treatments to help keep them calm such as pheromone sprays, calming t-shirts, and appropriate car restraint devices. Rarely anxiety relieving medications are prescribed to help your pet deal with the stress of travel and examination. Please feel free to discuss any prior history or concerns you may have about their visit with us. Sometimes it is necessary due to past experiences for pets to have a house call appointment. House calls may be arranged at select times for those pets that are unable to come in to see us at the clinic.

Our doctors and staff know that excellence in health care requires a whole animal, integrated approach. We strive to look at the whole pet in a systematic approach as well as any specific concerns that you have regarding symptoms you may have observed with your pet.

No one knows your pet better than you and that is why we value the partnership and insight that you can offer in teaming up to provide the best in health care. Whether it is filling us in on what has been happening at home that lead you to bring your pet in, explaining the testing process or diagnosed conditions affecting your pet, or discussing instructions on how to care for your pet at home after a visit, we will take the time to help you understand everything you require to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Other tools we offer to keep pets healthy:

  • Idexx in house blood analyzers, snap technology testing, and routine fecal, urine and cytology tests as well as outside reference lab testing.
  • Vaccination and preventatives for dogs and cats, as well as titers for DHP for dogs if needed in place of the vaccine.
  • Therapeutic laser therapy , massage and rehabilitation appointments.
  • Dental and surgical care including state of the art monitoring and drug protocols to individualize anesthesia to your pet’s needs.