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    March Madness Microchipping and More!

    March into Spring Celebration!

    The winter has been kind to us to say the least and with the warmer weather we’ve been having, it’s time to get out there and get active! Our pets are already ahead of us in that respect and we’ve had numerous found dogs around Homestead in the last few weeks as pets’ thoughts are turning to being footloose and fancy-free. To ensure that your pet can be identified and returned to you if they happen to get loose, Homestead Vet is offering March Madness Microchipping! Throughout the month of March, receive a 20% discount on the cost of microchipping your pet. If your pet is between visits and not in need of a check-up, we can schedule a pet nurse (technician) appointment for your pet’s microchipping procedure. If your pet is due or overdue for an appointment with the veterinarian, we can perform this service as part of the regular visit. If your pet has never been to our practice, a doctor exam is encouraged to evaluate your pet for medical problems and ensure that microchipping would be appropriate. We use Datamars microchips. These chips are international standard chips that can be detected in the US and abroad for those that travel with their pets. Registration is free with the these microchips. When your pet’s chip is implanted, you will be given information on how to register the chip so that they can be identified in the event they are found. This final step is extremely important because we can’t find you if you don’t link up your contact info with your pet’s chip #.

    In addition to people, cats, and dogs getting out to enjoy the warmer weather, fleas and ticks have decided to make an early appearance too! Please make sure you have your pets protected against fleas and ticks with an appropriate monthly preventative. Elanco is offering a $30 rebate on complete parasite protection! Purchase a year supply of Interceptor Plus along with 6 months of Parastar Plus for Dogs to qualify for this offer. Parastar Plus for Dogs is a topical application that kills fleas and ticks as well as acting as a repellant for ticks. For cats, Revolution is the complete parasite protection of choice. Purchase 6 months of Revolution and receive 2 free doses. Revolution is a single application medication that controls fleas, ticks, heartworm, most intestinal parasites and even ear mites! All of these products are available in our office as well as through our online pharmacy, Vet Source. Other products available include Nexgard, Bravecto, Seresto, Advantage for Cats and Advantix for Dogs. Why use Vet Source over the other online pharmacies? Vet Source works directly with our clinic and the same reputable distributors we use to provide safe and effective products directly from the manufacturers. Other online pharmacies do not work with manufacturers, but obtain their products through other 3rd party purchasing agents that may not be providing legitimate product. Vet Source strives to offer quality products at competitive pricing with other online pharmacies. Due to our relationship with Vet Source and how they work with manufacturers, rebates offered are usually applicable to Vet Source purchases but not to other online companies.
    Have an older pet that is having a hard time getting up and moving for the spring? Please contact us for information or to set up an evaluation for your pet. We have some exciting new products listed below that may be helpful to them in addition to things like rehabilitation, laser therapy and other treatments.

    New Products:
    – Feline Omega Benefits- Homestead is happy to announce the feline version of the popular Omega Benefits is now in available. Feline Omega Benefits is an omega 3 supplement that has been shown to reduce general inflammation in the body and promotes healthy skin and coat, reduces inflammation associated with arthritis in older cats and can help support kidney function in renal patients. This product is the latest to join the line of supplements we offer from VRS including: Canine Omega Benefits ( liquid and capsule forms,) Early Omega Benefits ( for puppies and kittens- higher in DHA to promote eye and brain development,) Osteo TrueBenefits (a joint health supplement that has been shown to help OA patients,) and Entero TrueBenefits (a probiotic and prebiotic that promotes digestive health and reduces periodontal disease.)

    – Galliprant for dogs is an innovative new Non-Steroidal Anti- Inflammatory Drug approved for the long-term management of osteoarthritis. This drug is unique in that rather than traditional inhibition of prostaglandins in the body, it acts by blocking the receptor primarily associated with the pain and inflammation of arthritis. This means that the “good” prostaglandins are spared that play important roles in kidney, GI and liver health. To celebrate the release of Galliprant, Elanco is also offering rebates on any prescription of at least 30 tablets. If your dog has been on chronic NSAID medication for osteoarthritis or if you feel that your pet could benefit from arthritis pain management, contact our office today to see if Galliprant is right for your dog.

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