• 14 FEB 17
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    Only 2 more weeks left in Pet Dental Health Month!

    Only 2 more weeks left in Pet Dental Health Month!

    Happy Pet Dental Health Month!
    To celebrate, Homestead Vet is offering 20% off the cost of the dental cleaning cost for any pets who schedule a dental cleaning during the month of February. If you are not a current client please feel free to contact our office at 610-446-1404 for more details on how to take advantage of this month’s offer. An initial exam is required for pets that have not been examined by our office in the last 6 months so we can tailor our recommendations to your pet’s needs prior to scheduling their dental cleaning. We will also be giving away sample fingerbrush kits to the first 12 patients that have their dental cleaning completed. Don’t wait! Once February is over, so is the celebration! Find out more about Dental Health month at the following link:


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