Transparent Nutrition

Homestead Vet is happy to announce that we now carry Veterinary Recommended Solutions line of Transparent Nutrition Diets! These diets are prescription diets formulated by board certified veterinary nutritionists to treat several medical conditions that are common in dogs and cats. These diets are very exciting because they are made from human grade ingredients and each lot is individually tested for food borne illnesses and contaminants. These tests are more vigorous than standard UDSA required testing and gives clients peace of mind that they are providing quality nutrition to meet their pet’s needs. Please contact us for more information regarding your pet and whether they can benefit from these diets. 

Ovary Sparing Spay

OSS.pngHomestead is happy to offer this alternative to traditional spay techniques. Ovary Sparing Spay (OSS) is a technique where only the uterus is removed, therefore sparing female hormones in dogs undergoing this procedure. The following link explains current concerns and theory behind traditional spay (where the entire female tract is removed) versus OSS techniques. While we continue to provide routine spay procedures for those that elect them, we are happy to discuss the positive and negative aspects of both procedures and help you decide what is right for your pet. For a link to a thoughtful discussion on OSS and possible health benefits of the procedure please click here.

Stem Cell Therapy

Adipose Derived Stem Cells are stem cells that have been derived from fat that has been surgically removed from the patient. These cells are specially harvested and activated before being injected into the damaged joint. These cells then stimulate repair of the joint by releasing natural growth factors. The procedure is generally safe and effective for reducing the level of osteoarthritis, pain and inflammation and effects generally last from 12-18 months.  When the fat is harvested, extra cells can be banked for future use. If additional treatments are necessary, the patient does not have to have surgical retrieval again and will require only brief sedation for a follow up injection.  Because the cells are harvested from the same patient, there is no issue with rejection of the cells. Since they are adult stem cells, there is no concern for cancerous transformation. Stem cell therapy is contraindicated in patients with active cancer due to the chance of the cells stimulating growth in the cancer as well as the target tissue.  Patients that are unstable for anesthesia are also not generally recommended for this procedure. Stem cell therapy patients often are able to stop or greatly reduce their need for NSAIDs and other pain relievers. Joint supplements are often continued and after a brief wait period rehabilitative therapy treatments can improve function and long term outcome.

Therapeutic Laser

Also known as “cold laser,” therapeutic laser is a safe, non-invasive, drug free modality that augments the body’s ability to heal through stimulation of blood flow, cellular metabolism and speeds along the inflammatory process in acute injury. It is commonly used for chronic conditions such as arthritis, tendinitis and other orthopedic conditions. It is also helpful for acute muscle strains, spasm and wound healing benefits. There has been significant success treating ear infections, dermatologic conditions and anal sac infections with these treatments. For more information on laser therapy, please click here.